CSX2321 - Words From the Current Custodian

by Jim Sfetko (2/23/08)

In May, it will be 22 years that I have been the custodian of CSX2321. It has spent half of its life providing joy and excitement for this custodian. I found CSX2321 in San Antonio and drove it home to Kansas City in 1986. We stopped in Dallas for the night. Found a hotel with a lighted parking lot. Put the soft top and side curtains on and went to bed. Awake at midnight after hearing the rain. A few minutes later the noise on the windows was much louder than rain…..HAIL! Oh Sh*t……….I grabbed both bedspreads and ran out barefoot and shirtless to cover the car. Boy did that hail hurt when it hit my back. In the morning I presented the two soaked bedspreads to housekeeping. I think their first impression was, boy this guy has a real problem!

I ended up with three dings in the bonnet that were later removed by Dr. Dents.

The next year I drove CSX2321 to Charlotte for SAAC 12. It wasn’t the greatest first days drive. Summer rains followed us across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

We started with the top off. When the first rain started we continued hoping that speed would allow the rain to go over us. When that no longer worked we’d stop under an overpass to erect the soft top and continue on. We learned that just because there is a top does not mean water does not come in the cockpit. Water came over the top of the windshield where it drips onto the center of the dash. The water also flows over the top onto the rear cowl and follows the body curvature into the cockpit. Towels stuffed behind our shoulders barely helped. I also learned that water in the cockpit of a Cobra in the summer with the top on creates a sauna.

When the rain would stop, the top was folded up again. This process was repeated several times until we stopped for the first night. We stayed at a friend's house with an extra garage.

After 44 years CSX2321 still retains its original unmodified body and original engine. It was last painted in 1981 when Mike Shoen owned the car. CSX2321 will continue to be driven, maintained and enjoyed. It will not be restored while I'm its custodian.